13 April 2010

Beauty: Dignity and the Liturgy

You must therefore take all the attention and care possible because dignity of the liturgy shines even in the smallest details in the form of true beauty. We must remember that those saints that lived poverty with particular ascetic commitment always desired that the most beautiful and precious objects be set apart for divine worship.

-Beauty in Each Aspect of the Liturgical Rite [unofficial NLM translation]

(cf. John 12:3-8)

photo: jordanville.org

11 March 2010

Albion and the Dry Hem

The indefatigable Aaron Taylor of Logismoi has announced a contest. This reference to said contest is one component of my participation--the other, is that I must posit an answer to the question: 'What is Albion's Error?' See the comments section at the contest post for my theory.